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Welcome to The Suffolk County NY Deferred Compensation Plan Website 

This Website is for Employees of Suffolk County NY Government.
The Suffolk County Deferred Compensation Plan allows employees to save for retirement, with pre-tax contributions.  Saving towards retirement though the Plan is easy and adds to your retirement income.  Your savings can be withdrawn when you leave County service, regardless of age, and there are various withdrawal options.  Please refer to the Plan Summary Guide for more information

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T.Rowe Price is onsite at County Offices and Union locations each month to answer questions and assist with plan related documents and enrollments.  The dates and locations are organized by date and are arranged prior to the start of each Calendar Quarter. It is recommended that participants first call to reserve a time and date with the T.Rowe Price onsite Representative Coordinator prior to the visit -( Phone number is listed below).  To see where the next visit will be click on the onsite schedule link. To schedule an appointment please call the T. Rowe Price Representative Coordinator Sean Franklin at 410-345-5277.

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2019: January -March Onsite Schedule
2018: July - December Onsite Schedule 

Leaving County Service - Please read this informative Guide

"Plan Participants Separating From County Service - What to Know."

Please contact your Board Representative if have any questions regarding the Suffolk County Deferred Compensation Plan.

2018 Deferral and Age 50 Contributions Limits

The 2018 Elective deferral maximum limit for governmental 457(b) plans are as follows:

2017              2018
457(b) Elective Deferral
$18,000   $18,500 
Age 50 Limit for 457(b) Government Plans               $6,000   $6,000 

The 2018 normal deferral ($18,500) and the Retirement Catch-up limit ($18,500) is $37,000. As in prior years, participants are not eligible to contribute to both Retirement Catch-up and Age 50 Contributions in the same calendar year.  Contact your Board representative to determine eligibility for catch-up.

If you have any questions, please contact your Union Board representative (see listing on this site) you may also leave a message for the plan administrator at 631-853-5424.

Plan Summary Guide

The Deferred Compensation Board is pleased to announce that the Plan Summary Guide  is now updated with important features of the plan such as taking a loan from your account, applying for retirement catch up, distribution options and unforeseeable emergency guidelines.  This guide can be downloaded from this website by clicking on the link at the left.   We hope that you will find this booklet both user-friendly and informative.